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Eastern Fresno County Historical Society Local History Project
This site was created to visually share the regions local history with the people of the area. The photographs have been assembled by Bud Olson from every imaginable source; pioneer families' treasured pictures, discarded photo albums found in attics, P.G.& E. and Edison Company archives, valley historical societies' files, glass plates found in barns and antique sales, school yearbooks, and newspaper files. Many generous people have loaned their photos to be copied and be shared with the community. These were compiled for the website by Dan Resciniti.

The entire collection is the property of the Eastern Fresno County Historical Society and is available to the public for research. This is an on going project and many parts remain in progress. Check back often to see the site as it develops. The pictures are sorted by category, with Elementary Schools, Sierra High School, Auberry and Prather area, and Tollhouse area included. At this point, we do not have a search engine in place for the site. We hope to add one soon. Also, several categories remain to be added. These include Auberry Road, Millerton and Friant, Tollhouse Road and Academy, Burrough and Watts Valleys, Kings River, Shaver Lake , Big Creek and Huntington, Logging, Flumes and Mills, Wagons, Motor Vehicles, S.J.&E. Railroad, Indians, and Pioneer People.

The Sierra Unified School District supplied some funds to get this project started and the Eastern Fresno County Historical Society has taken over and continues to update the work. Thanks to all picture donors and the school district for their efforts. If you have historical information to add to this site or questions of any kind please direct it to the historical society through Bud Olson, 559-593-1969. Thank you, enjoy your local history.