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About the Eastern Fresno County Historical Society

We are working to bring visitors a glimpse of what Eastern Fresno County was all about during it's early years. At our facility in Tollhouse, you can see artifacts, pictures, maps, books, machinery, clothing and much more.

Here on the web, you can see hundreds of old photographs. We'd appreciate you letting us know more about any of them.

If you recognize a building, person or group of folks, please contact us so we can properly identify them.

Working together we can make this project mutually beneficial and very informative.

Thanks for your support and continued interest. This is a "work in progress", non-profit venture. We welcome donations or sponsorships.

You are encouraged to present for display or give the museum any historical items in which you feel the public would be interested.

Bud Olson
Eastern Fresno County Historical Society
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 201
Prather, CA 93651